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Vernon can fully test, and report the value for your assets. We audit all computers, laptops, notebooks, servers, and network equipment.


Vernon ensures that your confidential information remains confidential by destroying it permanently.


VTS will then offer these products for sale to Employees of the firm disposing these products via VTS website.


Vernon's can recycle your old computers, laptops, servers, hard drives ,and network equipment.



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Vernon is committed to providing asset recovery services that are consistent with the recycling strategy of
“Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle”.

Our philosophy is that “re-use” is the most desirable form of resource conservation. By maximizing re-use opportunities for retired electronic equipment, Vernon strives to minimize the environmental impact from recovery and recycling operations.

To accomplish this, Vernon will:

• Adhere to the recycling standards set by appropriate industry associations such as International Association of Electronic Recyclers (IAER), the Electronic Product Stewardship of Canada (EPSC) and both the Federal & Provincial Ministry of Environment guidelines.

• Limit export of electronic equipment to re-usable material sold for the originally intended use. Vernon will not export “e-waste” or hazardous materials

• Advocate and support a national approach to electronic recycling legislation.

• Adhere to a “zero landfill policy” for hazardous materials that is in full compliance with Canadian Legal Disposal regulations.

• Develop and maintain options for re-use of electronic systems and components. Alternative processes for recycling and disposal will be implemented when re-use options are not practical.

•  Offer our customers environmentally responsible end-of-life recycling services for all types of electronic equipment.

•  Provide environmental stewardship to our customers and colleagues by sharing and adopting “best practices” through white papers, trade associations and speaking engagements.

• Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements for recycling electronic equipment.

• Conduct regular site visits and maintain audit reports of suppliers and Vernon operations to ensure compliance with environmental standards and legal requirements.

• Provide customers and regulators a transparent process flow of the Vernon “downstream” recycling network. This network includes each supplier of recycling services to Vernon.

• Conserve natural resources by re-using and recycling materials and by using recyclable packaging materials wherever practical.

• Monitor provincial and federal legislation related to electronics recycling.




Vernon Technology Solutions is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Environmental Policy Statement

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