computer and electronics recycling & disposal services


Environmental concerns are on the rise and sustainable living is more important than ever.  As society evolves, so does the amount of electronics we consume and the resulting ‘E-waste’ that is created.  In response, Vernon offers complete computer recycling and remarketing services for computers, servers, and networking equipment that still retains value.  When your equipment has reached it’s end-of-life point and needs to be disposed of in a safe and secure way, Vernon can also help.

E-waste can be a valuable resource for secondary raw materials, however if not disposed of properly it is a major cause of toxins and carcinogens in our environment.  Rapid technology change, low initial cost and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast growing problem around the globe.

Are you concerned about confidential information being left on your hard drive? Vernon can provide the hard disk crusher to physically destroy your hard drives. This will ensure all sensitive data is eliminated prior to equipment resale or disposal.

Vernon Technology Solutions is committed to the environment. We can provide computer recycling services and dispose of your E-waste according to industry standards and provincial regulations. We will provide you with a certificate as proof of safe disposal for your records. To minimize your environmental footprint contact Vernon for further information.

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