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Computer Workstation Rentals

Computer WorkstationVernon Technology Solutions offers the widest selection of brand name Workstations for rent. There are thousands of items, which can be delivered all across Canada. Workstations available can be customized and can serve many different purposes.

When properly used, Workstations are an amazing tool when it comes to the need for memory and processing power.

Workstation rentals are available for your office or wherever else you feel the need for a workstation is justified. Workstations and Mobile Workstations can significantly increase efficiency on a business wide rental of computers.

Rent brand name Workstations including: HP, Sun, Dell, and more from locations all across Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.    

All Vernon Technology Solutions rentals also provide you with a full range of technical support including complete configuration of all computer equipment and custom software loads. Our staff will install and even remain on site if requested.

All rentals are guaranteed to be shipped virus-free and Qualified technicians are available 24/7 to provide phone support on all equipment.

We are Flexible.  Rentals can be of all lengths.

Get A Quote Response within 60 minutes.

Please call 1 877 752-0916 to talk to a sales person.     

Vernon Technology Solutions is a nationwide computer rental company.
Rental distribution and service centers across Canada include:
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.