Data Destruction Services

Hard Drive DataData security is a critical component of your decommissioning process, but is often misunderstood by clients and misrepresented by suppliers.  From on-site solutions to secure transportation to video monitored shredding, Vernon data destruction solutions provide the highest level of security for your critical data.

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Vernon can destroy all your electronic data:

  • Hard disk drives - Server drives, Desktop drives, Laptop drives
  • Optical discs - CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-Ray, DVD-RAM disc
  • Data Tapes - DLT, DDS/DAT, CCTV, Video tapes 
  • Flash Media - USB drives, Memory cards, Mobile Phones

On Site Service Off-Site Service
Vernon technical staff will come directly to your site and destroy your obsolete hard drives at your location eliminating any chance of a data breach.  Once drives have been crushed using the Hard Disk Crusher  the data can NEVER be recovered.
Check The highest level of security.

Check Total custody of your data.

Check Total control of the  destruction process.

Service Includes

  • On-site scan of drive serial numbers.
  • Vernon staff will crush your drives under your direct supervision.
  • Serial number report provided on-site.
  • Transportation of crushed drives for off site shredding and recycling.
Learn more about the Hard Disk Crusher
Collect your drives, tapes and optical media securely at your location with the patented StrongBox™.  The StrongBox™ delivery system ensures total process security from collection through transportation and finally destruction and recycling of your Data Storage Devices by maintaining a strict Chain of Custody.

Check Secure on-site storage.

Check Secure transportation.

Check Zero landfill.

Service Includes

  • Transportation of materials from your site.
  • Serial number capturing of all drives.
  • Shredding of all drives.
  • Optional Internet video streaming of the destruction process. 
Learn more about the StrongBox™
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