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Rogers Rocket USB Modem - Mobile Internet

Rogers Rocket - Mobile InternetConstant Internet connection is practically a must these days. People bring their laptops and cell phones on vacation, home, and everywhere else under the sun. Finding Wireless connections can be a hassle and is impossible in some places.

The Solution: The Rogers Rocket Internet stick offered by Vernon Technology Solutions. The Rogers Rocket is a USB Modem that connects to Rogers Internet and all you need to do is plug it into your laptop.

When you rent a laptop from Vernon Technology Solutions, you may need to have Internet access in a place where there is no wireless connection. The Rogers Rocket USB Modem is the Communication Solution. With your rental of a laptop or notebook you can also look into renting the Rogers Rocket so you get a great laptop and you have Internet connectivity no matter where you go.

The Rogers Rocket is a plug and play device with no advanced installation. Once connected it allows for up a download speed of 7.2Mbps and an upload speed of 2.1Mbps.

The Roger Rocket is Compatible with:
•    Windows 2000 Professional
•    Windows XP Home
•    Windows XP Professional
•    Windows Vista (All versions)
•    Windows 7
•    Mac OS X 10.4 and newer

The Rogers Rocket Rental solution enables any laptop or notebook rental to come with Internet connectivity regardless of location or traveling. This solution is great for shorter-term projects on the move or in Internet limited rural areas.

Vernon Technology Solutions has three different versions of the Rogers Rocket USB Modem.
•    Novatel 950D Red USB Modem
•    ZTE MF636 Red USB Modem
•    Sierra Wireless Aircard 330U USB Modem

The Vernon Technology Solutions advantage is you can rent your Rogers Rocket USB Modem Internet stick for the exact same amount of time as you have your laptop or notebook from rental. So you are paying less and you can match expenses directly. In your travels, always come prepared!

Contact a Vernon Technology Solutions representative at 1 877 752-0916 for more details.

Vernon Technology Solutions is an Official reseller of Rogers Communications Inc. and is a nationwide computer rental company.

Rental distribution and service centres across Canada include:
Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.