Video Conferencing is on the rise. In the past, Video Conferencing may have been associated with waiting and bugs. Now, HD Video Conferencing is all about face-to-face communication and increased efficiency.

Video Conferencing Rental Solutions

Video Conferencing

Vernon Technology Solutions offers Managed Telepresence from Video Cloud. The service delivers end-to-end high definition (HD) video conferencing solutions that are fully managed and without the hassles and interruptions that are commonplace with some other videoconferencing systems.

The Benefits of Video Cloud Managed Telepresence offer from Vernon Technology Solutions:

  • No upfront capital or resources required
  • Additional locations can be added as required
  • Flexible long-term and short-term service terms available
  • Fully managed solution from reliable management
  • Network operations center with multi-location bridging capabilities

The Video Cloud managed service includes:

  • Telepresence consulting
  • Bridging/streamlining capabilities
  • Multipoint scheduling
  • Management and technical support
  • End-point options including different stands and displays
  • Periodic health and performance checks
  • Scheduled and regular testing and updating of software

Vernon Technology Solutions is very excited to be offering many different HD Video Conferencing Service plans including:

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Vernon Technology Solutions is an Official reseller of Video-Cloud and is a nationwide computer rental company. Rental distribution and service centres across Canada include:  Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.